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Firestarter APK

Amazon launched the FireStarter APK as an replacement to popular Amazon Fire TV. It has a launcher & enables you to launch Android apps with your Amazon Fire TV. Firestarter APK allows you to stream channels and videos on your TV. You can surf the internet and also play online games using this App.

Amazon Fire TV required the rooting of the device and therefore lot of people disliked it since there are many other applications in the market which allow you to stream online without rooting the device. FireStarter APK  does not require rooting and is designed for Amazon FIRE TV and solves the problem of side loading Apps on Amazon Fire TV.

Brief On Fire TV

Fire TV by Amazon is an amazing device which allows you to stream channels, videos on your TV. You can also play games and surf the internet using Fire TV. But Fire TV has some disadvantages, because Amazon wants to maintain their own customer base, therefore the Home Screen is tied to the content controlled by Amazon.

The problem with FireTV is that it does not give any default launcher of Amazon. The default interface on the Fire TV doesn’t allows to change the Home Screen and also doesn’t allows you to download external apps from other sources other then those that come directly from the Amazon only. Even if they are installed, then the only way to access  them is from Settings which can become inconvenient and  slow.

This is where FireStarter  APK comes into picture; what it does is that it runs in parallel with the default launcher and overrides the default launcher. The default launcher will flash for a second, then disappear. With Fire Starter, you can customize your start-up, home button for single click and double click.

Note : Firestarter APK has been renamed to Appstarter APK.

For example: You can start Kodi on home button single click and start FireStarter on home button (double click).

firestopper apk
Firestarter APK

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Features Of Firestarter APK

  • It detects the home button clicks & provides complete configurable actions for startup by home-button-single-click or home button double-click.
  • Lists all user-installed apps including side loaded & ADB installed applications
  • Enables to hide apps from the app drawer.
  • Allows users to import and export settings.
  • Enables automatic update mechanism.
  • You don’t need to root your device for installation.
  • You can directly install and update SPMC and Kodi directly out of Firestarter.

Download & Install FireStarter APK without Computer

For this you will require Fire TV with ES file explorer. If you don’t have ES file explorer, then first download it from the Amazon Store. Please follow the steps below :

  • First make sure that download from unknown sources is turned On. From Fire TV Home screen, select Settings
firestarter 4.0 apk
Appstarter Download
  • From System –> Developer options – You need to enable both ADB Debugging and the Apps from Unknown Sources options

fire starter apk download

  • Now we are all set to install the FireStarter APK. Open the ES explorer application and from the left hand menu under “Favourite”, click “ADD” button.

firestarter es file explorer

  • Now you need to add the Path and the Name of the application to be installed. Enter in the Path and “fire” in the name. Click “Add”.

appstarter 4.0 apk

  • Scroll down and select the newly created favourite called “fire”. We are ready to download the Firestarter APK.

app starter apk


  • After download select Open file

appstarter fire tv

  • Select the AppStarter-vX.X.X APK file. Next, select “Install” and then “Open”

  • That’s it, you now have AppStarter/FireStarter APK installed. Go to System -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage installed applications and launch the FireStarter Application to have an amazing experience.

Install FireStarter APK Via Computer

  • From Fire TV Home Screen, Go to Settings -> System -> Developer Options and enable both ADB Debugging and the Apps From Unknown Sources.
  • Next, press Return to go back in the System menu, scroll up to choose About option, then choose Network and take note of the IP Address.
  • Now, download the Firestarter APK from here and the adbfire application from here, once the adb fire is downloaded, extract it using WinRAR and install it.
    Open the adb fire application choose Setup.

appstarter apk download

  • Now enter the Fire TV IP address (noted earlier), enter  name in the description, leave the other fields as in the default and click SAVE when you’re done.

FireStarter APK

  • Next make a connection to our Amazon Fire TV. Before doing so you must make sure that AdbFire states ADB running at the bottom. Click Connect.

appstarter 4.0 apk

  • The next step is to actually push Firestarter to the Amazon Fire TV. This is done by clicking the Install APK button, there will be a file dialog asking you where is the APK, browse to the  APK you downloaded earlier and chose it, a confirmation dialog will follow, just click YES. Once completed, a message saying Installed will appear.
  • Now close the application and turn to your Fire tv, Go to System -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage installed applications and launch the FireStarter from there.



We hope that this article might have helped you in understanding the features of FireStarter App. Please follow the article to download and install FireStarter APK on your FireTV. If you face any problem in downloading or installing the FireStarter APK then please write your comments below and we will help you with solutions.

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