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Internet is a very important necessity in today’s world. All of face situations where we don’t have internet connection due to one reason or the other. This article gives you a guide on how you can scan your nearby WiFi networks and get access to them easily to use internet without interruption using the BCMON & Reaver APK.

Reaver is a android application that can find weakness in any WPA/WPA2 Wi-Fi internet networks which can be used to crack the network. You can connect to nearby internet networks using Reaver APK. You need to download both the Reaver APK & BCMON APK in order to connect to WiFi Networks.

What Is Reaver APK ?

Reaver APK makes it very easy for you to crack WiFi networks. The APK is light weight and doesn’t take much space on phone.

Lets look at some of the features of Reaver APK.

Features Of Reaver APK

  • Automatically detects the need of Monitor-mode and activates and deactivates it accordingly
  • Detects WPS-enabled routers
  • Provides an easy to use GUI for settings
  • The Reaver App is light weight and takes very less space on phone
  • External script support.
reaver for android free download
Reaver APK

Download & Install Reaver APK / RFA APK:

Installing Reaver APK is very straightforward. Please follow the steps below to download & install the Reaver APK.

  • Enable Unknown Sources on your android device ( Settings –> Security –> Enable Unknown Sources )
  • Download the Reaver APK file from the link given below

Download Reaver APK

  • After download is complete, locate and click the Reaver APK file to start installation

How BCMON Works ?

BCMON allows to gain monitor mode on your Android device. Monitor mode empowers computers with a wireless network, which is applied to the wireless networks and this acts as an access point on the device. BCMON APK is very essential for using Reaver APK to crack WiFi Passwords.

bcmon apk
BCMON APK Download

Note : BCMON supports only on rooted devices. So, in order to use BCMON you need to root your android device. There are many applications to help you in rooting your android device like Towelroot, Framaroot, Kingo Root etc.

Download & Install BCMON APK For Android

Follow the steps below to download & install the BCMON APK.

  • Enable Unknown Sources on your android device ( Settings –> Security –> Enable Unknown Sources )
  • Download the BCMON APK from the link given below

BCMON APK Download

  • After the download is complete, locate the BCMON APK file and click it to start installation

Steps To Use Reaver APK With BCMON

After you have downloaded & installed both the Reaver (RFA APK) and BCMON APK, follow these steps to connect to WiFi networks.

  • Open BCMON App. Possibly it will crash first time, then try again & open it
  • If BCMON runs correctly, then open RFA
  • In Reaver App, you will see a list of WPS enabled routers
  • Select a WPS, click “Test Monitor Mode”
  • You are now ready to use Reaver APK

Note : Do not uninstall BCMON APK.It is important for RFA to work


Q1. What Reaver APK Does ?
A1. RFA is able to unveil the actual WPA(2)-Key of many routers within 2 – 10 hours.

Q2. Is Reaver APK & BCMON APK Safe To use ?
A2. Yes, both Reaver & BCMON APK are very safe to use.

Q3. Why downloading BCMON necessary to use Reaver APK ?
A3. Reaver APK was designed to support tablets. But in smartphones, monitor mode is rare & BCMON helps in gaining monitor mode in smartphones.


We hope that this post might have helped you in understanding Reaver & BCMON APK. Both these APK’s work together and can be used to crack WiFi networks. We hope that you liked it and if this worked for you then do share it with your friends.


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